A talented writer with a special talent for music. Danna Liurova is the poetic and deep songwriter who adds bold operatic overtones to Kristalida's music. Liurova's songs depicts stories and human dramas deep within the human nature. Danna Liurova has a mysterious natural talent for the piano and also plays clarinet and some violin. She provides the main vocals to Kristalida along with Saran's duet for a unique musical imprint. Danna Liurova takes you to the deep dark of your soul, if you are able to handle that.
Widely multitalented, Joel Griiyo provides the instrumentalist magic in Kristalida. He adds the crunch, punch and rhythm to the musical mix. Playing the bass, guitar and even the drums, the unique Griiyo infuses the dark drive flavor and the bright air aura to Kristalida's fusions. Griiyo represents the balance and the positive outlook. Griiyo started his musical career at young age learning to play the bass and the Tenor Sax. After a few years he proved to be also a fine guitar player. Griiyo's guitar use to be a basic start for most Kristalida's songs.
Exceptional songwriter and music producer; Saran Marie Vonsander shows her vocal talent as a duet vocalist along Danna Liurova. Saran provides the shine with outspoken strings and orchestra arrangements. Saran takes care of the technical and creative production and programing and adds an occasional guitar or Cello. Saran represents the brightness of the poetry and the light of the symphonic world. She is the angelic wing of Kristalida's butterfly.
Mako Vonjay represents rhythm and energy. Talented in various forms of arts, Vonjay posses the human and artistic sensibility to merge into the symphonic soul of Kristalida. From that journey Mako fulfills his mission of transforming and leading returning victorious with new stories to cherish and share. Mako Vonjay provides Kristalida with everlasting and energizing inspiration, art and spirituality. Mako plays drums and percussion and enhances the ongoing stories with his talent as graphic and makeup artist.